Medical Representative September 2015

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Medical Representative Balikpapan

Deskripsi pekerjaan:

Menjalin hubungan baik dan menjaga hubungan baik serta menjalin kerjasama dengan dokter, Apotek dan Rumah sakit

Kualifikasi :

Usia maksimal 30 tahun
Pendidikan minimal SMF/SMU/SMK
Pengalaman minimal 1 tahun dibidang marketing atau Medical representative
Memiliki SIM C dan kendaraan roda dua
Memiliki motovasi kerja yang tinggi

Profil Perusahaan untuk Lowongan kerja Medical Representative September 2015

Galenium Pharmasia
Having established the Nitra Pharmacies in the early 1960s , and his son Dr. Joesoef BS . Joesoef Eddy decided to not only take part in trade but also in the production of pharmaceutical manufacture. This dream realized in 1980, when dr . Joesoef Eddy decided to become a dermatologist , along with other family members founded the PT Galenium Pharmasia Laboratories . However , the limited capital investment at the time , the daily activities of the company is more engaged as a cottage industry . After 10 years , PT Galenium Pharmasia Laboratories feel the need for change becomes more modern company and a pharmaceutical company competitive . Later in 1990 the company held a major restructuring at the operational and managerial . A year later , dr . Joesoef Eddy decided to resign and transfer the company's leadership to his son , Juzardi Joesoef.

In applying the focus and strategic planning , new management models capable of increasing corporate profits four times higher in the period of one and a half years , which was recorded as a proud achievement Since then , management has been managing and maintaining business growth averaged 32 % per year. After 30 years with satisfactory progress as a company , PT Galenium Pharmasia Laboratories never stop here . For the next PT Galenium Pharmasia Laboratories will always be ready to face challenges and take chances of success for all employees and partners PT Galenium Pharmasia Laboratories .
With the experience and dedication of more than 20 years , PT Galenium decided to become a leader in the health care industry- company manufacturing and distribution of drugs , skin care and cosmetic products . Of a home-based business industry , PT Galenium Pharmasia has become a nationwide company with a factory area of 20,000 M facilities and equipment are modern and rapidly increasing consistently . " We are the first pharmaceutical company in Indonesia received three certificates on quality system that is recognized both locally and internationally "

As a quality oriented manufacturer , PT Galenium Pharmasia has achieved several awards in the quality system . We are the first pharmaceutical company in Indonesia, which received three certificates on quality systems both locally and internationally , namely : CGMP for medicine , cosmetics and CGMP for ISO 9001:2000 . In 2005 , PT Galenium Pharmasia receive Strata A CGMP , ASEAN standards for
pharmaceutical production run . The award convince PT Galenium to restate a world-class company .

All this can be achieved because our company profile emphasizes the firm determination to achieve what we aspire in the future and the open attitude in the sense of sharing our aspirations with a reliable partner . The partners are those who are involved in both the external and internal processes to realize our dreams . But the dream will never become a reality if not there are people who are able to visualize a vision into a strategy that can be implemented . Currently PT . Galenium Pharmasia Laboratories has human resources as much as approximately 800 people .

Jika anda berminat kirim cv dan lamaran ke :

HRD PT. Galenium Pharmasia Laboratories
Jl. Aditiawarman No. 67, Kebayoran Baru – Jakarta Selatan 12160
(Harap Cantumkan Posisi di Amplop Lamaran)
Hanya Kandidat yang memenuhi kualifikasi yang akan di proses

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