Predictive Maintenance Expert Job Vacancy at PT Petrosea Tbk

Predictive Maintenance (PdM) Expert Job Vacancy at PT Petrosea Tbk

Predictive Maintenance Expert Job Vacancy at PT Petrosea Tbk for bachelor in engineering degree and have minimum 5 years experience in field

Job Description

To enable multivariate analysis of all machine health parameters and determine criticality of components based on available system within the company, and prioritize corrective maintenance actions & recommendations through to maintenance execution team in timely manner; as well as to gather feedbacks from maintenance execution team to improve corrective maintenance actions & recommendation going forward.


  • Minimum S1 Degree in Mechanical/Civil/Industrial Engineering, and/or Minimum 5 years of experience in Mobile Plant Mining Industry & Asset Equipment Health initiatives (with minimum experience 5 years in field)
  • Advanced knowledge in maintenance analytical tools (VIMS, VHMS, ET, Mpro, Insite, NDT, Thermal analysis, etc.). Strong knowledge and experience in maintenance analysis and maintenance program development by using common and standard methodology such as : RCA, FMEA, RCM
  • Advanced knowledge in mechanical awareness
  • Multivariate data analytical capability
  • High experience in fatigue & failure analysis
  • Advanced understanding of heavy equipment maintenance management
  • High experience in fluid analysis (oil, coolant, fuel, grease, fire suppression system)
  • Advanced understanding of heavy equip/machine application analysis
  • Advanced computer literacy (Ms. Excel, Ms. Access, MS. Power Point, ERP) 
  • Proficient lateral & analytical thinking/skills
  • High experience with maintenance work flow management
  • High experience with maintenance KPIs & work management compliances
  • Deep understanding of maintenance workforce roles & responsibilities
  • Deep understanding of supply chain work flow
  • High communication skills
  • Willing to travel to project sites in remote locations
  • Fluent in English, both oral and written.


  • Provides the knowledge and expertise in a specific subject (Maintenance Tactic : Predictive Maintenance), establish Predictive Maintenance solution definition & system design and do validation of the design, cases, scenarios and may also validate executed results
  • Custodian for implementation and realization of asset management maintenance tactic roadmap from preventive maintenance, condition base maintenance, predictive maintenance and prescriptive maintenance make sure implemented as per schedule and milestones set delivered
  • Support organization to make a best decisions processes by using algorithms, build predictive models, cluster analysis, interpretation of data, quantifiable data-driven evidence and based on data trend in order to optimise of asset life cycle cost (LCC) , delivery maintenance performance indicators target and comply of compliances
  • Establish a roadmap for strategy and policy during development of rule and algorithm ( e.g: sequential by unit class-components-system critically, priority and complexity of algorithms
  • Alignment maintenance tactic process and resources requirements (manpower competency, training need analysis, hardware & software ), to be able adapt leading practices and international standards policy and requirement
  • Determining mandatory prerequisite setting on process and application (e.g : standard failure code, action taken catalogue, failure symptom and other standard coding to support analysis and machine learning processed more accurately
  • Collaborate with Data Scientist to apply advanced statistical and predictive modeling techniques to build, maintain and improve on multiple real-time decision systems
  • Ensure quality check on all recommendation action performed
  • Create and Close Work Order on SAP system

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