PT. Prasmanindo Boga Utama #1800037

Lowongan Kerja PT. Prasmanindo Boga Utama #1800037 dengan detail posisi dan kualifikasi sebagai berikut:



  • Pendidikan formal : Diploma perhotelan atau lulusan disiplin ilmu lainnya yang tekait.
  • Dapat berbahasa Inggris minimal dalam komunikasi yang pasif.
  • Siap ditempatkan di remote area
  • Diutamakan Perempuan maksimal usi 40 Tahun

Pengalaman Lainnya

  • Berpengalaman selama 3 tahun di bagian housekeeping
  • Diutamakan berpengalaman di perusahaan gas, minyak, atau jasa catering, camp service
  • Mengerti dengan baik aturan hukum lokal.

PT. Prasmanindo Boga Utama or PBU as we are more commonly referred to as has been providing. Catering and associated services to the Mining, Oil and Gas industry for over 30 years. With a strong and stable management team in place we have developed a sound understanding of what our customers and end users expect, and what resources, processes and support is required to ensure deliverance of this.

PT. PBU currently operates with a host of clients both National and Multi - National and boasts a strong contract retention rate; this alone further validates our ability to deliver in accordance with client expectations.

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