Stroberi Accessories #1701553

Job Vacancy Stroberi Accessories #1701553. Stroberi is the leading fashion accessories brand in Indonesia. It was started by pure passion for accessories. There are currently 81 stroberi stores with more set to open in the future. Stroberi is a brand that differs from the rest. We don’t only love accessories and details in fashion. We focus equally much on the intricate design of our stores that offers our customer a lifestyle experience.

Today open Job Vacancy below:

Job Vacancy as a Store Supervisor from Stroberi Accesories

Job Description:

  • Control and monitor the performance of employees at the counters
  • Check and repair the display of goods
  • Customer services and promotions
  • Hiring and training new employees

Qualification :

  • S1 All Major Universities in Indonesia with GPA min 3.00
  • Maximum 30 Years
  • At least 1 year experienced in related field (Retail Sector)
  • Willing to work shift schedules and working on Saturdays and Sundays
  • Have LEADERSHIP and able to communicate well with others
  • Hardworking, honest, independent, able to work with teams and individuals, able to solve problems that exist in counters and able to work under pressure.
  • Willing Duties out of town if needed
  • Please fill the City of placement you want to on “Why Hire Me” coloumn.
  • Placement : Makassar, Mataram, Bali, Balikpapan, Jember, Tegal, Tasik, dan Jakarta

Job Vacancy Stroberi Accessories #1701553

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