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Jobs ID 201408014 Closed Ads 14 September 2014 - Lowongan Kerja September 2014. Boga Group and it’s subsidiaries are engaged in the food and beverage industry and retail business, operating a total of 57 restaurants nationwide, with more than 2.000 highly trained individual smaking up it’s workforce. Boga Group’s lucrative portfolio currently consists of 12 Bakerzin, 32 Pepper Lunch, 1 Ten Ten, 4 Paradise Dynasty, 3 Paradise Inn, 4 Master Wok and 4 Poney outlets encompassing the metropolitan areas of Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Yogyakarta, Medan, Makasar and Bali. The group also operates an exclusive catering service for Jakarta area.

To gain recognition for presenting awe-inspiring experience that broadens and enriches the Indonesia lifestyle.

Growing through diversification and introduction of new lifestyle brands to all over Indonesia.
Developing innovative concepts for creating extraordinary experiences for customers.
Attracting and nurturing the best talent in the industry as part of our learning organization.
Implementing solid business systems to build profitable and sustainable businesses
Fostering long term strategic relationship with our business partners.

I - Integrity
T - Trust
W - Work as Team
O - Openness
R - Respect
K - Keep learning
S - Smile and Have Fun

By the end of 2014, Boga Group expects to bring up the number of establishments and new brands in its portfolio to a total of 80 restaurants. As it expands, Boga Group is committed to continuously maintaining the high standards of quality ingredients and impeccable service-two characteristics that distinguish a Boga establishment from the rest in the industry.

Boga Group’s resolute efforts in bringing its restaurant brands to greater exposure and ever-higher levels of quality have been rightfully rewarded with a number of accolades it received from award agencies and the media. Among its greatest successes so far is the fact that Pepper Lunch was the first restaurant in Indonesia to receive the prestigious HACCP certification.

Best Overall Winner at Entertainment X’nter - Plaza Indonesia FoodVaganza, awarded to Bakerzin in 2005
Best European Food from Jakarta Java Kini, awarded to Bakerzin in 2006
Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points (HACCP) Certification in Indonesia, awarded to Pepper Lunch in 2009 until now
HACCP Certification, awarded to Bakerzin in 2011 until now

Waiter – Waitress Balikpapan

  • Responsible for providing a satisfactory service
  • Responsible for costumer comfort
  • Responsible for the cleanliness of the outlet

  • Minimum age 26 years old.
  • Graduate minimum high School, (from hotel tourism are advantages)
  • Good looking, good personality, self motivated, outgoing personality.
  • High integrity, Hard worker, Communicative, and Loyal
  • Can work under pressure and Able to work based on the target
  • Team player and can work independent
  • Placement in Balikpapan(Pentacity Mall)

Admin Supervisor - Balikpapan

  • Responsible for all rounded Human Resources Functions including staff planning, policy making, budgeting, recruitment, selection and development, employee compensation and benefits, staff communication, relation etc
  • Advice and make suggestions to other department managers and staff in all employment and human resources related area in order to comply with current employment laws and regulations.
  • Prepare, review and control staff expenses, budgets and forecasts to ensure consistency.
  • Formulate and conduct orientation and induction programs for new comers to ensure our company culture, requirement and standards are properly communicated and delivered.
  • Monitor changer and update policies to meet local statutory requirements
  • Prepare and submit various required reports to Management
  • Inform the status of selling (SO), deliver either already in or are still outstanding to the sales manager, respectively.
  • Monitoring and manage re-order point (ROP) setting, do review and update regularly.
  • Ensure distribution and follow of incoming and outgoing goods to DC and from DC to all branches are execute properly in term of quantity, time and cost.
  • Ensure all related logistics department’s objective is achieved
  • Monitoring and manage quality on Hand to be as accurate as possible compare to system and stock card at all warehouse.
  • Oversee budgeting and monitoring financial performance against budget.
  • Controlling expenses and maintaining cost controls
  • Leads and manages compensation project for the entire organization
  • Planning and monitoring stock allocation
  • Search vendor for cooperation
  • Negotiating with vendor about the product quality, delivery order and prices.
  • Perform timely and correct tax filing (income tax, VAT, etc)
  • Coordinate all audit activities
  • Ensure timely reporting

Requirements :
  • Age maximum 30 years old
  • Minimum bachelor degree from accounting with minimum GPA 3.00
  • Minimum 3 years experiences in the same positions.
  • Experience with system accounting and Finance (ERP, ACCPAC)
  • Familiar with cost, Budgeting and General accounting, Preferable derived from the Food and Beverage Industry
  • Strong knowledge and experience labor law and regulation relating to compensations and benefit.
  • Understand collection and treasury process is a must. Knowledge in Human Resources, sales administration, Logistic, Procurement, Information Technology is advantage
  • Numeracy ability and strong analytical thinking
  • Proactive and teamwork, good communication skill, strong analytical skill.
  • Ability to work based on target and under pressure
  • Placement : Balikpapan

Send Your CV to :
Grand Wijaya Center blok H-40
Jl. Wijaya II Kebayoran Baru
Jakarta Selatan
Visit our website at :

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