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Lowongan kerja VICO Indonesia Oktober 2013 untuk lowongan kerja tanggal 1 Oktober 2013 adalah lowongan kerja untuk lulusan S1 dengan daftar lowongan sebagai berikut:

External Affairs Staff
Controlling the budget and expenditure. Provide the budget report and analysis. Provide the expenditure report and analysis. Monitoring the budget and expenditure. Provide future...

Community Development & Community Relations Staff
Developing and implementing CD/CR programs. Maintain relationship with local authorities, local stakeholders, and community. Maintain relationship with local journalist in order to...

Land Management Staff - External Affairs
Controlling and updating the land acquisition data. Monitoring the land acquisition data properly. Provide report regularly regarding external affairs data.

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Lowongan Tayang 01 Oktober 2013 @ Lowongan Kerja Kaltim - Kaltara di Hal:

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