PT Kaltim Prima Coal sebagai Coordinator Minor Contract - Maintenance Services - CA 04 Februari 2012

PT Kaltim Prima Coal (KPC)

PT Kaltim Prima Coal (KPC) operates a coal mine in Sangatta East Kalimantan and is one of the largest export coal mines in the world.

Opportunity exists for a seasoned, high caliber, professional to join the Company with job Assignment in Sengata-East Kalimantan for the positions of:

Coordinator Minor Contract - Maintenance Services
Kalimantan Timur - Sangatta

  • Supervise works done by MSD minor contract contractor to ensure that work conducted is carried out in a safe and timely manner, and time keeping is adhered to outlined task priorities,
  • Coordinate work scheduling with KPCscheduler and Contractors scheduler to sinergize works done by MSD minor contractors with work done by KPCwork groups, OEM, supplier and other contractors,
  • Execute MSD Work Management process for work identification, screening process, planning, scheduling, work execution, and work closure in related with works included on MSD minor contracts,
  • Ensure that daily works schedule are conducted by Contractors to ensure parts, materials and other resources are prepared in advance and used efficiently,
  • Monitor performance of MSD minor contract contractors against agreed KPI stated on contract document, ask contractors to develop action plan for each below than agreed KPI performance and monitor compliance to action plan,
  • Maintain history of maintenance work done by MSD minor contract contractors, track/trace part or component replacement related to works under MSD minor contract,
  • Assist Superintendent of Maintenance Support on preparing and tendering MSD minor contracts,.
  • Liaise and coordinate all service and repair activities with other coordinators, supervisors/shift supervisors, and MOD personnel to align the related activities.
  • Control the use of consumable parts, components, and labour in line with maintenace guidelines so that the cost efficiency of equipment is contributed.
  • Conduct weekly house keeping inspection at contractor works area, and monthly equipment inspections, implementing safety health, and loss control elements to minimize accidents and / or incidents at the work place.
  • Liaise with Original Equipment Manufacturers and or dealers to resolve, identify, implement and improve service, product support, and equipment problems.
  • Liaise with MOD people to resolve, identify and improve contractors service and equipments problems.
  • Liase with MSD Electric coordinator and Auto electricic Supervisors to identify and resolve all technical, safety and supervision aspect related to MSD Minor contract works and performance.
  • Report all accidents and incidents involving MSD minor contract contractors to enable management to identify areas for improvement in work practices.

  • S1 Graduate from Mechanical/Electrical/Industrial Engineering with 3 years working experience
  • Understand contract management system is advantages
  • Understand how to develop contract, maintain contract KPI and how to monitor contract
  • Analytical, problem solving skills together with mechanical aptitude to solve technical difficulties.
  • Understanding of computerised maintenance and warehousing systems.
  • Planning, backlog, and scheduling skills and experience.
  • Leadership skills to direct and motivate the team.
  • Detailed knowledge of KPCpolicies, procedures and regulations impacting Mine Maintenance

If your background meets these requirements, forward your resume (including details of present positions & remuneration and your latest color photograph) no later than 10 days after the date of this advertisement to the following address:
Superintendent Recruitment
PT. Kaltim Prima Coal
PO Box 620 Balikpapan 76106 Kalimantan Timur
Or E-mail :

Please indicate the position code in the email subject


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